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Dimitar G. Dimitrov
MA, Reg. Architect, Managing Director

  • Architectural Bureau DIMITROV Ltd. is one of the most recognized design studios in the Sofia area. Our reputation was built on performance, trust and, most importantly, creativity. Architectural Bureau Dimitrov starts its activity in February 2004 as a continuation of the independent designing practice of Dimitar G. Dimitrov in the period 1993-2004. 

  • The combination of the latter CAD software permits the formation in a network environment of a three-dimensional parametric model of the project in progress, as well as compatibility with other AutoCAD-based software used by the engineers.

  • The association offers a package of professional services related to architectural designing, design and entire management and coordination of the projects, as well as graphical visualization. Some of the most well-known designing engineers are partners of the Bureau – Civil engineers, Construction engineers, Electrical engineers, Plumbing and Sewer engineers, HVAC engineers, Technologists, Artists.

  • Until now the ABD’s activities have been mainly connected to the architectural design and entire coordination of projects for the public (offices, banks, sports halls, multistory parking, etc.) and industrial buildings, urban planning projects, restoration and reconstruction, interior and design.





Reg. Architect, AS&SA Ltd.


Reg. Architect, ES Studio 2007 Ltd.

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Reg. Architect


Reg. Architect

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22. Визуализация - Арх. Димитър Рашков - rashkov@red-vertex.com

23. Проектмениджмънт - Трифон Трифонов - t.trifonov@sofiaestates.com

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28. Пожарогасене - инж. Димитър Александров - d.alexandrov@dyayan.com


Our Services
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The Bureau offers designing services in the following spheres: urban planning, residential buildings, office buildings, commercial and industrial buildings, hotels, sports-related buildings, buildings for recreation, interiors and landscape architecture. The projects of the firm are characterized by internally related and self-complementing conceptual and technical decisions. Gained experience and building traditions are used and combined with contemporary technologies and materials and technical achievements in the area of architectural design and building.





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- Preliminary investment and designing studies;
- Construction experts’ reports and standpoints

- Consultations on every stage of the investment process;
- Coordination of the projects’ documentation;
- Photorealistic computer visualizations  of exteriors and interiors;
- Video-presentations of projects

- Designing and coordination of projects in the following areas:
Architecture, Interior Design, Structural Engineering, Electricity, Plumbing and Sewer, HVAC, Geodesy, Technology, Landscape architecture, Health and Safety Plan, Gas supply, Roads; as well as outside (media) connections as Water and Sewer, Power supply, Central heating, Gas supply, Road connections, Telecommunications, Authors’ and technical control

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14B Kazbek Str., 1618 Buxton, Vitosha Reg., Sofia, Bulgaria

+359 888 355 287

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